The Original Pocket Cruiser

      Rosborough Boats, Inc. began in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the mid-1950s by James “Doug” Rosborough, a well-known boat designer and builder.  He designed and built countless numbers of traditional schooners, brigantines , sloops and ketches all from wood.  He would get a commission for a boat which he would design, then contract with a Nova Scotia builder to execute.  He would then move into the yard and take over the crew to supervise the entire construction. 


     In the early 1980s his son James “Bob” Rosborough came into the business and developed the first fiberglass designs.  After experimenting with an 18’, 28’ and 35’ design he finally hit upon a 25’ boat that became the Rosborough RF-246.  The first boat was delivered in 1987. 


      After 25 years and almost 500 boats, Bob Rosborough sold the molds to Eastern Boats, Inc. in Milton, NH where we continue to honor the design and standards that have proven to be a winner.


      Soft riding in a head sea, stable in a beam sea, and predictable in a following sea.  Although technically the hull design is not a trawler, the function is such that became known as the first “trailerable trawler”.