Surviving Irma

Rosborough owners love their boats and love to share both ideas and information about their tough little vessels. Follow the Yahoo! RF-246 Owners’ Group if you’d like to see them in conversation, which touches boats from the Pacific Northwest through the rivers of the Midwest to the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. That camaraderie showed clearly over the past two weeks as Rossi owners on Florida’s Gulf Coast reported their experiences during the passage of Hurricane Irma. What comes across is both genuine empathy and tales of the kind of prudent seamanship that any aspiring or new Rosborough owner would do well to absorb.

In general, the owners who were close to their boats made sure that they were as protected as possible: out of the water where possible and secured on their trailers—not in dry-stack sheds—parked in storage lots with their scuppers opened, their batteries charged, and their automatic bilge pumps checked for operation. One particularly careful owner duct-taped all of his boat’s doors and hatches. A few boats on lifts survived carefully tied down, and one came through with only a couple of scratches in her slip. Her owner pointed her able Nova Scotia-designed bow outward to handle the seas, and she was carefully tied in with a dozen long lines, all protected from chafe and set to allow her to rise with storm surge without moving more than a few inches.

The fact that these boats came through Irma with only cosmetic damage is a testimony to several valuable factors: the seaworthy Rosborough hull, the fact that it is easy to secure on a trailer, and the deep fellowship that exists between Rosborough owners, who clearly care about the friends they have made—in person and online—and are eager to share the seamanship they have learned from their Downeast thoroughbreds. Here’s to a less stressful fall cruising season!

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